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Like the kitchen, we know how important bathrooms are to your home. We understand the plumbing components of the bathroom and how they are heavily used daily. Considering this usage, it’s understandable that issues may arise within the plumbing of your bathroom.  By trusting us for your needs, it is assured that you will receive top quality service and help for your bathroom maintenance or repair.

The smallest repairs can prevent serious issues later, saving you the time, stress and money. Sometimes people can fix their issue with drain cleaner or a plunger, other times an in-depth analysis is needed by a certified professional. We provide extensive bathroom maintenance and services from the sink to the shower and everything in between. We can take care of your drains, replace your faucets, repair your shower or bathtub and fix your toilet. Our maintenance services include the full scope of your plumbing needs.  This includes:

  • Repairs
  • Replacements
  • Installations

Improving your plumbing and especially your bathroom hardware enhances the look, safety, and longevity of your bathroom. It’s imperative to make sure everything is working properly and efficiently; the bathroom is the part of your house that uses the most water.  Any plumbing assistance you need, we’re here to assist you. Whatever problem may arise, we are only a phone call away and will be delighted to help.


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    Drain Care

    Is your shower or tub draining slowly or possibly not at all?  Do you hear bubbling or gurgling noises coming from the drain after you use your sink?  These are common tell signs that your drain may need servicing.  AOS Plumbing has skilled technicians who can diagnose the issue and resolve minor to severe drainage issues before they affect your main sewer line and become a greater problem for your home.  If your sinks or bathtubs are backing up when you flush a toilet or run a load of laundry, this can signify a more serious issue.  Call AOS and take care of your plumbing needs today!

    Faucet Replacement

    Leaky faucets are expensive and wasteful.  If your hardware is rusting or leaking around the fixture’s seams, it’s probably time for an upgrade.  Call AOS today and we’ll send a certified member of our team to professionally replace your faucet.

    Shower/Bathtub Repair

    If you notice odd smelling water coming from your shower or tub, slow draining water, clogs, or poor water volume, you need AOS Plumbing.  Let us replace and install malfunctioning parts and hardware or service your drains to make your bathroom fresh and clean again.

    Toilet Repair

    Common toilet issues such as constant running, clogs, or trouble flushing can be fixed easily when addressed early on.  If these problems are left unserviced for prolonged periods of time, they can lead to more serious and expensive repairs.  Call today to have one of our specialists resolve your toilet issues before they become a bigger detriment to your home and wallet.